Eternity Molding Kit

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 Never Forget That Milestone Moment

Capture your newborn's tiny hands and feet, commemorate that beautiful engagement, or remember your grandparents forever. There are so many moments and people we don't want to forget.

Capture Every Important Detail

Having a treasured keepsake you can actually touch and hold provides an experience a simple photo could never give. Our mold will capture every wrinkle and detail you love so much about someone.

Fantastic Kids Project

Kids love getting dirty, and this time you’ll love the result of letting them! This is a great rainy day project for your little ones, that results in a keepsake to treasure. Don't worry, even if they wiggle a little it won't ruin your beautiful creation.

A Gift They'll Never Forget

Is someone celebrating a new baby, engagement, or anniversary? What is better than to give them the chance to create a unique and memorable treasure of it!

    100% Safe for Everyone

    Our kit is hypoallergenic and non-toxic, so everyone can join in and make their own precious impression. Our kits can even be used on your pet! We often only have one chance to capture an impression we will hold dear for the rest of our lives.

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